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5 Ways the U.S. is Preparing for The Winter Olympics In Sochi



As the world prepares for Sochi, the U.S. is preparing to enter into another Olympic battle, this time in snowy regions (OK, manmade snowy regions) of Sochi, Russia.

While Russia's President Vladimir Putin is spending his last few days preparing by spending time with a Persian leopard, here's your guide to succeeding in office chat about the Olympics:

1. 230

The United States will bring a record number of athletes to compete in the Sochi games this year, a total of 230. The 2010 winter games in Vancouver saw 216 U.S. athletes.

2. Caution 

Citing possible terrorist threats, sub-western healthcare access and a gentle reminder regarding Russia's stance on non-traditional marraiges, the U.S. State Department has cautioned American tourists traveling to Sochi. Suddenly watching from the comfort of home becomes much more enticing. 

3. Lolo Jones and Lauryn Williams

Lolo Jones and Lauryn Williams will make history in these Olympic games by becoming two out of 10 Americans ever to compete in both the Summer and Winter games. Both Jones and Williams are Summer Olympians of the 400-meter relay and 1000-meter, respectively, and will be together joining the US bobsledding team in the Sochi games. These two women are serious examples of what it means to compete at an Olympic level!

4. Kane

Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawks forward put on a stellar performance Monday scoring two goals and adding an assist in a 5-3 win over the LA Kings. He managed to score in spite of the fact that his grandfather had past away earlier in the day. From juggling his current in-season performance, and the death of his grandfather, he will also represent the United States at Sochi in the Olympic ice rink. All these feats make his most recent athletic achievements truly breathtaking. Soon he will be watched under a global lens as he plays for team USA competing for Gold. 

5. The Flying Squirrel Backs Out  

Superstar snowboarder and Olympic champion Sean White has recently decided to back out of the newly created "slopestyle" event after jamming his wrist after he fell on a patch of ice. He has decided instead to focus on his chance to win the gold in the halfpipe event, which would be his third Gold medal in a row. White would make Olympic history in becoming the first snowboarder ever to win 3 gold medals in a row in the halfpipe event. Big air and mind-blowing flips are certainly ahead.

The Olympic games officially begin with their opening cermonies on Feb. 7.