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'Ride Along' bests 'That Awkward Moment' in weekend box office

Ice Cube, left, and Kevin Hart in "Ride Along."

Ice Cube, left, and Kevin Hart in "Ride Along."  (Associated Press)

Showing slightly less promise than it did going into the weekend, Focus Features’ “That Awkward Moment” took $3.9 million Friday and is headed to about $10 million for the weekend.

Though a strong start as far as Focus should be concerned the comedy was made for a reported $8 million and acquired for $1.5 million it’s not quite the Super Bowl weekend victory early predictions foresaw.

Rather, Universal’s “Ride Along” is expected to stay in first place in its third frame with about $12 million.

“That Awkward Moment” does have the potential to overperform, as Summit’s “Warm Bodies” did this time last year, but it’s not likely to close the gap with a couple factors working against it. With both romance and zombies, ”Warm Bodies” worked to counterprogram the big game for teen audiences, where “Awkward Moment” is likely to overlap with the football audience. Plus, “Warm Bodies” was PG-13; “Awkward Moment” is R.

Conversely, really working to counterprogram the Super Bowl, Disney opened a sing-a-long version of its blockbuster tuner “Frozen”  playing alongside the toon’s original run, which is still in theaters to try and lure back families for a second viewing. No word on the exact lift the interactive version is delivering, but it’s enough to keep the kid-pleaser in third with about $8.5 million for the weekend.

The weekend’s only other wide opener is Paramount’s “Labor Day,” the latest from director Jason Reitman. The tearjerker took $1.9 million Friday and is headed for about $5 million for the frame, just under pre-weekend expectations, for probably seventh in the overall domestic marketplace.

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