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Prince Harry's Supermodel Friend and Carrie Underwood's Problem With Country Music



Here's what everybody's buzzing about today:

Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander and Larry David are working on some kind of secret project β€” that much we know. But according to Seinfeld himself, it's not a Super Bowl commercial or an episode of "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee." "But it is not not those things either," he confusingly added.

Prince Harry and supermodel Cara Delevingne were maybe spotted together at some type of sexless "Eyes Wide Shut"-sounding theatrical performance. So perhaps she's stopped for now.

Despite being the exception to the rule, Carrie Underwood thinks female artists aren't being given a fair shake in the world of country music.

Rob Ford, the Chris-Farley-esque mayor of Toronto, has come to the defense of fellow Canadian Justin Bieber. "He’s a young guy," said Ford, who unfortunately can't use the same excuse for his own behavior.

Oh, and Bieber's toxicology report came back positive for marijuana and Alprazolam, an active ingredient in Xanax. Surprise, surprise.

Oh the irony: Lindsay Lohan claims somebody stole half of her $75K fur coat (it was a two piece, evidently) from the very same nightclub that she was caught stealing a mink coat from back in 2008.

Shakira and Rihanna released a video for their new joint effort "Can't Remember to Forget You," and as per the strict laws of the music video industry, it features plenty of scantily clad Shakiras and Rihannas.

The Disney Channel debuted its first-ever same-sex couple on "Good Luck Charlie," but really, Charlie won't have any luck with those two. As lesbians, their interest in Charlie is strictly platonic.

Bing Crosby's been dead since 1977, but his former wife is still having issues.

We're personally responsible for enough liquor transactions to know that whiskey basically sells itself, but Mila Kunis is planning to lend a helping hand anyway, acting as the new spokeswoman for Jim Beam.

The BBC has banned the hosts of its childrens television programming from wearing red lipstick, fearing that it's too provocative or sexy.

Orlando Bloom might now be dating a French actress by the name of Nora Arnezeder. And to the surprise of absolutely no one, she's gorgeous.

Beyonce shared her own baby photo on Instagram, proving that she's always had elevated levels of sass.

The cover photo from the March edition of W magazine β€” featuring a nude Miley Cyrus with no eyebrows and a blonde wig β€” has already leaked to the internet.

Christie Brinkley told Entertainment Tonight that she prefers dating younger men. "That's fine with us," responded the world's younger single men in unison.

And finally, if you're one of the several dozen people who genuinely enjoyed the first "Sharknado" without irony, you're in luck: The film's biggest stars are returning for a sequel.