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Jennifer Lawrence Got Dorito Dust on Her 'American Hustle' Wardrobe


 (Francois Duhamel/© 2013 Annapurna Productions)

Jennifer Lawrence can't keep her hands off one of her favorite junk foods, even when it would be really, really beneficial to her film's costume designer if she did. 

In an interview with Vanity Fair, "American Hustle" costume designer Michael Wilkinson dished on Lawrence's sloppy snacking habits during filming, and how it ruined at least one of the dresses she dons in the Oscar-nominated picture.

"Jennifer Lawrence is a very . . . let’s say . . . raw and intuitive young lady, and she’s not against eating Doritos and snack food in her costume," said Wilkinson.

Luckily, the designer created three back-up dresses for an entirely different reason, as Lawrence's character was supposed to be doused in champagne in the scene's original script. (The costume itself was reportedly quite inexpensive anyway; the stretchy white fabric cost a mere $3.99 per yard.) 

It's also worth noting that Lawrence — while wearing a dress Wilkinson designed to show "every single lump and bump" on her figure — was still eating junky snack foods well into production.

But if there's a lesson Wilkinson can take away from this incident, it's this: When designing a costume for Jennifer Lawrence, be sure to work solely with Dorito-friendly orange fabrics.