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Christina Aguilera Gets Skinnier and Bruce Jenner Gets Gorgeous



Here's what caught our eye today:

After just two weeks, Trace Adkins has already checked out of rehab to be with his sick father.

The nominations for the Academy of Country Music Awards were announced on Wednesday, with Miranda Lambert and Tim McGraw each earning seven.

The super-slim woman who secretly replaced Christina Aguilera aka Shrinktina made yet another super-slim appearance at Tuesday's Stand Up 2 Cancer event.

It looks like Bruce Jenner went ahead and had that Adam's apple reduction he wanted. So now, he's undoubtedly the picture of perfection.

Justin Bieber's might be taking a year off from music (he makes music?) to open up a high-end tattoo parlor with his dad.

But first, Bieber's gotta face the music for his criminal behavior, which is why he just turned himself in at a Toronto police station for allegedly beating up a limo driver last month …

… and it's also why there's a petition on WhiteHouse.gov demanding he be deported. Since there's now more than 100,000 signatures, the White House is obligated to respond, too.

Uma Thurman's yoga-teaching brother, Dechen Thurman, has been sleeping with several of his yoga students, and it has earned him a new nickname: the "yoga gigolo."

Judging by what "Glee" actress Naya Rivera said in a recent Cosmo interview, you've got a good shot at catching her and fiancé Big Sean having sex in public.

John Stamos hinted at a possible "Full House" reunion, which sounds like fun until you remember how lame "Full House" was.

Surprise, surprise. Halle Berry is basically skinny again after giving birth just a few months ago.

The costume designer for "American Hustle" says he was glad there were multiple back-ups of Jennifer Lawrence's dress, because she got Dorito dust all over them.

We don't see anything wrong with it, but apparently Rihanna is her butt's own worst critic.

Leonardo DiCaprio's step-brother Adam Farrar got arrested in Texas for doing many of the things DiCaprio pretends to do in "Wolf of Wall Street."

Ex-"Saved By the Bell" and "90210" actress Tiffani Amber Thiessen frolicked around Mexico in a swimsuit while celebrating her 40th birthday.

And finally, Crest has debuted a mint chocolate toothpaste flavor, because practicing good oral hygiene and eating dessert shouldn't be mutually exclusive.