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Christie Brinkley is an Ageless Warlock and Pope Francis is a Rock Star



Here's what's happening today:

Christie Brinkley is nearly 60 and still looks fantastic sporting a swimsuit on the cover of People. Check if you don't believe us.

According to Us Weekly, Selena Gomez might now be dating pop singer Austin Mahone, the poor man's Justin Bieber. And they reportedly were set up by none other than Taylor Swift.

Justin Bieber's arraignment is set for Valentine's Day. But his drug tests should come back in the next few days, so this should be interesting.

And here he is looking like an idiot in his garbage-bag pants in Panama. 

Relevance be damned! Madonna joined Miley Cyrus for a country-themed duet during Cyrus' upcoming MTV "Unplugged."

Pope Francis has landed the cover of Rolling Stone. So, logically, it shouldn't be long before Miley Cyrus starts twerking on him.

Kanye West reached a settlement with that 18-year-old he punched, and it sounds like the kid got more than $250,000.

Beyonce is way tiny and wears a size 2 or 4, says the designer who dressed her for the Grammys.

Speaking of Bey, Vin Diesel uploaded a Facebook video of himself dancing to "Drunk in Love" as well as Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" as some sort of odd thank-you to his fans.

Get a load of Amber Heard's engagement ring. Experts estimate it cost around $78–$100K, or about the amount of money Johnny Depp earns per slurred word in each of his "Pirates of the Caribbean" films. 

A reporter for TV Azteca named Mariana González wore an extremely tiny, extremely see-through mini-dress and a big furry headband to Super Bowl Media Day. And now we know who she is.

After one last 72-stop farewell tour, Motley Crue says they're breaking up for good. Or, you know, until they run out of money and reunite.  

A woman has filed a copyright infringement suit against Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood, claiming that their 2011 song "Remind Me" is too similar to a song she wrote — and showed to Paisley's songwriters — back in 2007.

And finally, Burger King is testing out a chicken and waffle sandwich, which sounds a lot better than it looks.