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Taylor Swift's Short Shorts and Robert Pattinson's Beauty Secret



Here's the latest:

Taylor Swift donned a huge sweater and short shorts for a rehearsal ahead of Sunday night's Grammy Awards. So get to the mall, kids. That's the new look.

Everyone's favorite "Full House" dream team of John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier are reuniting for a Dannon yogurt Super Bowl commercial. And there's already a teaser, because who can sit still after hearing such earth-shattering news?

And, Just in time for the Super Bowl, a new strip club in New York is debuting its 25-foot "super pole," which can fit multiple dancers simultaneously.

Despite performing with the Spice Girls as part of the 2012 Olympic ceremonies, Victoria Beckham says she'd never do it again. "Thank you to everybody, but no more," she said.

An "Access Hollywood" correspondent spoiled the season finale of "Homeland" for Jennifer Lawrence at the SAG Awards, and she was adorably peeved about it.

In addition to being the old face of Vitamin Water, Sketchers, and Olay cosmetics, Carrie Underwood is now the new face of Almay.

Thanks to Dior, Robert Pattinson has added moisturizer to his daily beauty regimen. "It's been a quite profound change in my life," he told the L.A. Times.

Savannah Guthrie asked "That Awkward Moment" star Zac Efron about his stint in rehab on the "Today" show. But he was ready with a calculated, evasive answer.

Sacha Baron Cohen might be in Disney's "Alice in Wonderland" sequel, but presumably not as a Kazakh reporter or an Austrian fashion correspondent, to the disappointment of his biggest fans.

If you're not yet tired of seeing photos of Kate Upton doing things, here she is posing alongside various NFL players and fans in Vogue.

A very pregnant Gwen Stefani posted a selfie to Twitter on Tuesday, and God bless her, she's still wearing skin-tight clothes.

Bruce Springsteen's youngest son just joined a New Jersey fire department, which is fitting in 35 million different ways.

Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez aren't simply content to sloppily kiss at Knicks games anymore. They also like to hang out with tigers and bomb around France during Paris Fashion Week.

Quentin Tarantino is scrapping plans for his upcoming film project "The Hateful Eight" after the script leaked — and he thinks he knows who did it. (Probably an agent for Michael Madsen, Bruce Dern or Tim Roth).

And finally, McDonald's restaurants in New Zealand are experimenting with stackable interlocking containers. This means that, in the near future, you might be able to walk down the street with a Jenga-type tower of fast food in your hand like an idiot.