After Homophobic Uproar, 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo Galavis Sends Two Home

Alli, Juan Pablo Galavis and Lauren during a group date on "The Bachelor."

Alli, Juan Pablo Galavis and Lauren during a group date on "The Bachelor."  (ABC)

The formula on the “The Bachelor” never changes: a bunch of women are fighting for the attention (and hopefully love) of a single guy.

Last week Juan Pablo Galavis got the wrong kind of attention, and from the wrong people, with his controversial comments about a hypothetical gay “Bachelor.” He then apologized, and it was further emphasized on Monday’s night’s episode, when it really started to sink in to some of the contestants.

But let’s talk now about Galavis’ first one-on-one date this week, with 21-year-old single mom Cassandra, with whom the “Bachelor” wants to make sure there is a connection because he does not want to keep her away from her child unnecessarily.

The duo cruised on a yacht, made dinner at his house, shared pictures of their kids and made out — all of which gets Cassandra a rose at the end of the evening.

Then came the group date, and (surprise?) it's soccer-themed. The LA Galaxy played host to Galavis and his women, who played a 5 v 5 before having a cocktail overlooking the pitch (and the women fought for alone time with their “Bachelor.”)

He proceeded to make out with several of the women – including a very awkward kiss in the middle of the pitch with Sharleen – but it was Nikki, who did not kiss him, who received the group date rose at the end.

Galavis went on his second one-on-one date with Chelsie. He took her bungee jumping – she broke down crying in fear, before Galavis comforted her and eventually convinced her to do it. They kissed upside down before going for a romantic dinner.

While there was a little taste of jealousy during the group date, it’s not until a pool party at the mansion that the green monster makes its real appearance.

Some of the ladies throw hissy fits because they don’t get enough alone time with the single dad. Only Sharleen does, and she uses it to complain about the camera zooming around all the time. This starts the waterworks and an eventual kiss while the other women are watching.

Clare, who had the first one-on-one date the previous week, broke down crying because she does not like sharing Galavis with other women.

The tears seemed to keep the women safe at the rose ceremony, but it didn’t help Lucy and Christy, who were sent home empty handed.

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