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How Matthew McConaughey Lost Weight for 'The Dallas Buyers Club'



Many of us are struggling to lose a few pounds now that the holidays are long behind us. But why toil away at the gym or fuss with fad diets when you can just shed weight the Matthew McConaughey way?

During a backstage interview at Saturday night's SAG Awards, the 44-year-old actor revealed the surprising way he managed to trim down for his lean, sickly role in "The Dallas Buyers Club."

"What I found was tapioca pudding," he said. "I would use the tiniest little antique spoon and I would eat it with that so it would last longer. I could make it last an hour."

So there you have it. Matthew McConaughey's weight-loss secret is tiny spoons. (Well, that and the prospect of numerous acting awards and millions of dollars in income, presumably.)

McConaughey has already won numerous awards for his performance as Ron Woodroof in "The Dallas Buyers Club," including a Golden Globe, a Critics Choice Award, and the SAG Award.