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Trace Adkins Allegedly Beats Up Trace Adkins Impersonator, Goes to Rehab



In what is likely to be the most surreal story you'll read today, country singer Trace Adkins checked himself into rehab after allegedly beating up his own impersonator on a cruise ship.

According to The New York Daily News, Adkins was scheduled to perform on a Country Cruising trip bound for Jamaica, but fell off the wagon — after 12 years of sobriety — somewhere between Miami and Ocho Rios. Once in Jamaica, he ditched the cruise and checked himself into rehab for alcoholism.

"Trace has entered a treatment facility after a setback in his battle with alcoholism," his representative told the publication. "As he faces these issues head-on, we ask that his family's privacy will be respected."

TMZ also reports that during the cruise, Adkins got into a physical altercation with a Trace Adkins impersonator who was performing Karaoke at the cruise ship bar. It's unclear as to whether Adkins was under the influence of alcohol prior to the altercation, or fell off the wagon as a result.

Adkins has checked into rehab once before for alcoholism, in 2002.