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Bruce Jenner No Longer Wants That Smooth, Swan-Like Neck and Lindsay Lohan Might Write a Tell-All Book



Here's what everybody's talking about:

Bruce Jenner is reportedly angry that news of his latest cosmetic procedure has leaked, so he's cancelled (or maybe just delayed) his adam's apple reduction surgery.

Miley Cyrus flashed her boobs on Twitter (kind of) to raise awareness of media censorship. But let's be honest, she was probably going to flash them anyway.

Somebody paid $66,000 for Elvis Presley's blue suede shoes at an auction in Los Angeles.

You know that Antarctic expedition Prince Harry is undertaking? He and his team finally reached the South Pole on Friday.

Harry Styles jetted from Cannes to visit Kendall Jenner at her hotel in London, where she's currently … uh … doing something. Or working on something. Maybe. Who knows.

Lamar Odom says it was HE who dumped Khloe Kardashian, and not the other way around. But no matter, because Khloe has already rebounded with Matt Kemp of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Lindsay Lohan might be turning her rehab diary into a tell-all book.

Amy Adams says her "American Hustle" co-star Jennifer Lawrence has "very soft lips," because apparently those two kiss in this thing.

Peter O'Toole, the British actor most famous for "Lawrence of Arabia," died on Saturday at the age of 81.

On her 24th birthday, Taylor Swift made a donation to the Nashville Symphony in the amount of $100,000, or what Taylor might call "chump change."

Jessica Simpson credits her post-baby figure to Weight Watchers (of course) and her daily 4-mile walks with husband Eric Johnson.

Kanye's ex-girlfriend Amber Rose says she weighed 202 pounds before giving birth in February to her son Sebastian (whom she had with rapper Wiz Khalifa), but you'd never know it by looking at her recent picture.

Victoria's Secret model Allesandra Ambrosio revealed that she was the victim of a botched ear-pinning procedure at age 11. Yet she's still a model, so it was probably an easy reveal.

A man in Florida was caught with 20 pounds of marijuana, which he not-so-cleverly disguised as Christmas presents. Or maybe they were Christmas presents for his burnout friends.

"Homeland" killed off a pretty major character in its season finale. If you haven't seen it yet but are into spoilers, you can do that here.