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What do Adam Levine and Wilmer Valderrama have in common? ObamaCare

ObamaCare is the sexiest health care exchange alive?

That may be what the Obama administration is trying to get across by hiring People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive, singer Adam Levine, to help promote its beleaguered online health insurance exchange.

And while the popular judge on “The Voice” is not the only celebrity being tapped for the new PR campaign, reportedly slated to start on Friday, he is, for now, the most famous by a country mile.

After Levine, the roster skews decidedly C- and D-list , with “The Nanny” star Fran Drescher, “Harold and Kumar” star Kal Penn (who once worked for Obama), and “That 70s Show” actor Wilmer Valderrama onboard for the new social media push.

“The idea is a drumbeat of dialogue, a drumbeat of discussion about coverage -- not about glitches, not about the politics, not about the pundits,” Peter Lee, executive director of Covered California, which led organization of the campaign, told Bloomberg News.

“We don’t think that, by seeing a tweet, suddenly millions of people will go get coverage,” Anne Filipic, president of Enroll America, an independent advocacy group, told the news service. “Adam Levine’s tweet helps us begin, and then we can have a substantive conservation about what’s available.”

The celebrity initiative is a do-over after the health plan’s October 1 start-up debacle. Back then,  Lady Gaga, Amy Poehler, Nina Dobrev, Rosario Dawson, Sarah Silverman, Olivia Wilde, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, Pearl Jam, Lance Bass, John Legend, Alyssa Milano and Kerry Washington, to name a few, joined the President to encourage Americans to #getcovered.

Technical glitches and website snafus then so marred the ObamaCare website roll-out that many of the stars who helped launch the initiative were advised to walk away. One well-placed Hollywood agent told FOX411 that public relations teams across the industry cautioned their clients to lay low. But as publicist Ronn Torossian of 5WPR predicted when we reported on this back in October: “When things go wrong, naturally celebrities won’t want to be outspoken. But don’t expect them to be quiet for long. They will stand up again as soon as President Obama asks them to.”