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Mila Kunis Flips the Bird, Selena Gomez Drops the F-Bomb and Much, Much More



Here's what's happening today:

Mila Kunis was photographed giving the finger to a paparazzo who was snapping pictures of her and Ashton Kutcher at her brother's Florida wedding.

Paris Hilton's brother Barron got beaten to a pulp the other day, and he claims Lindsay Lohan orchestrated the whole thing. Now, Paris is pissed, and threatening on Instagram that those responsible "will pay."

Selena Gomez's microphone malfunctioned at the annual Jingle Ball concert in Los Angeles, so she dropped an f-bomb and stormed off stage.

One Direction singer Harry Styles and Bruce Jenner offspring Kendall Jenner were seen leaving a New York City hotel together on Saturday. Later that day, directioners got a thrill when the band appeared on SNL.

Wondering what Amanda Bynes is going to do now that she's out of rehab? It's fashion. The woman who wore horrid wigs to her own court dates is going to school for fashion.

Miley Cyrus basically has Anna Wintour's haircut now. And her older sister Brandi just posed/interviewed for Nationalist magazine.

By the sound of what she just told People magazine, Jessica Biel is about ready to have Justin Timberlake's babies.

A business in Madison, Wisconsin, that offered "theraputic cuddling" for $60 per hour is now closing up shop after just three weeks in business.

Thousands of Paul Walker/"Fast and Furious" fans flocked to a makeshift Sunday memorial held at near the site of his crash in Valencia, California.

Carrie Underwood left a message on Twitter for the legions hating on her live "Sound of Music" performance: "Plain and simple: Mean people need Jesus."

Daniel Radcliffe is wearing hair extensions now. It has something to do with one of his upcoming roles, but he's wearing them to interviews and movie screenings.

Prince Harry's Antarctic race to the South Pole has been canceled. But he's still going through with it; he's just not "racing" anymore. (He and the other groups are going to work as one big team.)

And finally, Kate Middleton continues to be a saint. At her recent visit to a children's hospice, she serenaded, played with, and even fist-bumped the child patients.