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Mayor Tells Bieber to Clean Up His Act and Another Wardrobe Malfunction



Here's what's happening today:

Kate Middleton actually wears her tiara around, like she's some kind of real princess or something.

The Irish Examiner is reporting that Brad Pitt bought himself a WWII fighter plane for more than $3 million dollars.

Lindsay Lohan was seen partying with Liam Neeson's 18-year-old son, so that's probably going to turn out well.

The mayor of Gold Coast, Australia, told Justin Bieber to clean up the graffiti he left in the city, and he called the singer a "pop princess." If the shoe fits ...

CBS is planning to broadcast a colorized version of the rare "I Love Lucy" Christmas episode, so now you can see Fred Mertz in all his pale, earth-tone glory.

In an interview for W magazine, George Clooney claims he hasn't found the love of his life yet.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's joins the wardrobe malfunction list after her blazer failed to provide necessary coverage as she was leaving the 2013 British Fashion Awards.

A theater-ful of Florida children waiting to watch Disney's "Frozen" were accidentally shown a trailer for Lars Von Trier's highly sexual new film "Nymphomaniac."

"The Big Bang Theory" actress Kaley Cuoco and her fiance Ryan Sweeting shared plenty of photos from their trip to the Bahamas. (One of them reveals her lower-back tattoo.)

As Kim and Kanye (try to) plan their wedding at the Palace of Versailles, Kanye has hired Andy Warhol's cousin Monica to paint a portrait of Kim, because if there's one thing this world is lacking, it's images of Kardashians.

Paul Walker's "Fast and Furious" co-stars gathered for a vigil at his crash site. His dad also gave a moving statement to CNS Los Angeles.

Madonna and her French boyfriend Brahim Zaibat might be splitting up, says Radar Online. She's been spending a lot of time with her ex-husband Sean Penn, too.

And finally, the visionary who pitched the idea of the Doritos Locos Taco has died at 41. RIP. And thanks for giving us the best fast food ever.