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Bing Determines Most Searched Celeb on the Web, Parents Name Babies After 'Breaking Bad,' and Much, Much More



“Breaking Bad” has been inspiring many new parents to name their babies Skyler and Jesse. And speaking of the popular series, here are .

Two of late actor Paul Walker’s films, titled “Hours” and “Brick Mansions,” will still be released as scheduled.

Sorry, Kim Kardashian. Bing’s most-searched person happens to be another celebrity everyone knows.

Forget long locks. Actress Reese Witherspoon is welcoming the holiday season with a new bob haircut. Thinking about going shorter too? We asked several celebrity stylists on .

While we’re on the topic of hair, what do you think of Duchess Kate Middleton’s darker ‘do? We think it pairs perfectly with her .

Kate Moss’ Playboy cover is finally here to warm up plenty of stockings this year. 

Can’t get enough of “Downton Abbey?” Perhaps you’ll want to pick up a bottle or two of the show’s affordable wine.

“Star Wars” is now on Instagram and to celebrate its grand arrival, Darth Vader is showing off his selfie.

Christopher Walken couldn’t get a cab to save his life. So he got a little help from strangers.

It’s official: Diane Lane and Josh Brolin are history.

Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato were a bad influence on Joe Jonas, who says they pressured him into smoking pot. Oh those ex Disney kids and their squeaky clean lives.

It’s played out on the stage. So now 'Cats' might become a film.

Kanye West unleashed his inner diva during a recent concert in Florida. Somehow, we’re not surprised.