Break Time

Break Time: Lindsay Lohan shares super revealing selfie post rehab

Fresh out of rehab, Lindsay bared all via Instagram


Welcome to Break Time! Here are the best things out there on the web to help you forget that the Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone. 

Lindsay Lohan takes a selfie exposing chest post rehab. What a wise career move, Lindsay.

Today we honor the life of the world's ugliest dog with the most beautiful heart. The pup passed away on Thanksgiving morning.

Not all people were feeling thankful this past holiday weekend. Here is a reenactment of the Twitter feud heard around the interwebs.

Buzzfeed offers 12 Shakespearean ways to insult people. For some reason it is just classier.

Stop the presses! Kris Jenner issues a statement about how proud she is of Kim's starring topless role in Kayne's video.

What happened on Saturday night when Auburn University beat Alabama was pure unexpected poetry in motion.  

In celeb dating news, Charlie Sheen tweets that he is luckier than you because he is dating a porn star. We could think of several reasons why that is not the case.

Nicole Kidman knows how to bring the sexy.

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