No doubt about it, Seth Rogen and James Franco have a great sense of humor. The two actors decided to recreate Kanye West's music video for "Bound 2," which features his reality star girlfriend Kim Kardashian riding on motorcycle with him-- topless. 

West's video got plenty of attention from fans and critics alike when it was posted on YouTube last week. 

Franco and Rogen's version, titled "Bound 3," was made while the two were on set for their film "The Interview." 

Check out the parody below to see how the actors did imitating Kim and Kanye's moves in the video. (Warning, the song contains explicit lyrics.)

[youtube nRckgn36lzY]

And here's Kanye West's original music video. (Warning, the song contains explicit lyrics.)

[youtube AyEx2m_OZLE]