Kim Kardashian topless in Kanye West’s video for ‘Bound 2′

Appearing topless atop a motorcycle, Kim Kardashian stars in Kanye West‘s new music video for his song “Bound 2″ which premiered Tuesday on Ellen.

In the video, West and Kardashian go for a sunset ride through the desert and somewhere along the way Kardashian loses her shirt, however the dusk shadows keep her mostly covered. 

It’s a pretty romantic video for a fairly romantic song, if you can get past lyrics like “I wanna f**k you on the sink / After that, give you something to drink”.

That may be a big "if."

And at least it ends better for West than the last time he went for a ride through the desert.

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It’s not the first time West has debuted a music video on Ellen DeGeneres‘ show, he did the same with his video for “Love Lockdown” in 2008.