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The Breakfast Wrap: Jennifer Lawrence's See-Through Gown and Monty Python's Back in Town



Here's what's happening today:

Jennifer Lawrence wore some kind of leotard topped by a see-through gown to the LA premiere of the new "Hunger Games" movie. (But it's still not quite as see-through as from a few weeks ago.)

Kanye West debuted a video for his song "Bound 2" on Monday, featuring himself and a topless Kim Kardashian canoodling on a motorcycle.

An anonymous blackmailer is demanding cash from Wendy's and threatening to release video of the restaurant's employees serving rotten tomatoes if the fast-food giant doesn't pay up. Reminds us of these similar

Monty Python is reuniting for a stage show, so your dreams of watching live fish-slapping and funny-walking may soon become a reality.

Prince William said Kate probably won't let him have a Playstation 4: "I'd like to get one, but I'm not sure how my wife would feel about it!"

And speaking of the Duchess, she went and got herself an ombre hair makeover. Wanna try it for yourself?

"Selfie" has been named the word of the year by the Oxford English Dictionary.

The tenants of a Manhattan high-rise are suing "Twilight" star Ashley Greene because of the fire that started in her apartment back in March.

Fifty shades of oh my: Belgian researchers found traces of herpes on a random copy of "Fifty Shades of Grey" from the Antwerp library. And they found cocaine on all 10 of the books they examined.

Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Kelly Preston attended the dedication for a new Scientology facility in Clearwater, Florida.

Taylor Swift says one of her exes knows "Red" is about him. "He was like, 'I just listened to the album, and that was a really bittersweet experience for me. It was like going through a photo album.'" (The New York Daily News says it's probably Jake Gyllenhaal.)

The late Brittany Murphy, of "Clueless" fame, died of rat poisoning, her father is claiming.

And finally, there's a sequel to "It's a Wonderful Life" in the works set to focus on George Bailey's grandson. The real question: Will anyone care?