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The Breakfast Wrap: GQ's Man (Men?) of the Year and Katy Perry's Suspiscious Diamond Ring



Here's what's happening today:

GQ magazine has somehow named Justin Timberlake, Kendrick Lamar, Matthew McConaughey, James Gandolfini and Will Ferrel (and Ron Burgundy) their Man of the Year.

Kay Perry wasn't exactly hiding a big diamond ring on her left ring finger during Sunday's EMAs, leading some to believe John Mayer popped the question.

Comedian Sascha Baron Cohen pushed an elderly woman off the stage at the BAFTA L.A. Britannia Awards. Don't worry, it was a prank.

Justin Bieber's South American tour shenanigans keep piling up. In Argentina, he was asked to leave his hotel (due to a pile-up of his rowdy fans outside), and then he walked off stage in the middle of a Buenos Aires gig because of food poisoning.

In December's issue of Esquire, George Clooney talks about whooping Leonardo DiCaprio in basketball. He also calls out Russell Crowe for calling him a "Frank Sinatra wannabe."

Kate Upton might be appearing on "Entourage," for those of you who still watch "Entourage."

Angela Lansbury is none-too-thrilled with CBS's decision to reboot "Murder She Wrote," for those of you who are planning to watch CBS's reboot of "Murder, She Wrote."

Lady Gaga's latest album ARTPOP is getting mediocre reviews, but we should all expect to hear its singles on constant repeat for the next year, regardless. 

Sick of Ylvis' viral video for "What Does the Fox Say?" Too bad, because now it's becoming a children's book.

And finally, McDonald's is testing new Jalapeno Kicker sandwiches in Maryland and Colorado, featuring cream cheese sauce, jalapeno pepper jack cheese, jalapeno crisps and pickled jalapeno slices.