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Selena Gomez Goes for a Low-Cut Look at Flaunt Magazine Party



It seems that Selena Gomez wasn't ready to completely cover herself up after her recent lingerie spread in Flaunt. On Thursday night, the 21-year-old startlet stepped out at the magazine's launch party in a low-cut LBD at the Hakkasan restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Gomez graced the cover of the fashion/culture magazine's newest issue, and sat down for an interview in which she discussed her previous paranormal experiences and her desire to play a gangster gal in a Martin Scorsese movie (she'd also settle for a dramedy role in a David Fincher film). 

Sounds like she's looking to shed those last shreds of her Disney image with even more controversial film roles (similar to those of her thieving characters in "Spring Breakers" and "Getaway"). And by the looks of this dress, she's shedding a few shreds from her wardrobe, as well.

With that in mind, we have to ask: