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The Breakfast Wrap: JLaw Chops Her Hair Off and the Duchess Dresses Up For a Day Out



This is what you should know about this morning:

Jennifer Lawrence chopped off all that sweet, luxurious hair of hers. It's much shorter now, is what we're saying.

And she also told a crowd at Yahoo headquarters that Justin Timberlake used to be her celebrity crush.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went out for a public jaunt to celebrate something called "London Poppy Day." But don't worry about that; all that you need to know is Kate looked great …

… despite the DailyMail trying to take her down a peg by publishing pictures of her gray roots showing.

Prince Harry took his girlfriend on a romantic getaway to one of the Queen's residences, because there's nothing like getting intimate in your grandmother's bedroom.

Based on these photo-booth pictures they found, Star magazine is insinuating that Will Smith and his co-star Margot Robbie (of the upcoming film "Focus") are fooling around together.

Charlie Sheen tweeted a picture of a grenade-topped cake for his ex Brooke Mueller, along with a pretty awful caption.

The CMA Awards took place last night. Taylor Swift took home the Pinnacle Award, and here's everyone else who won something, in case you're interested.

Lady Gaga is slated to be the first artist to ever perform a concert in space — aboard one of those Virgin Galactic flights, of course.

Selena Gomez is starting to look a lot like Beyonce.

Anne Hathaway's representative is super quick to dispel rumors that her client is pregnant. If she hadn't said anything, we wouldn't be suspicious. But now we are.

Kelly Osbourne is getting her tattoos removed, and she wants you to watch as she squeals in pain.

And finally, the Olsen twins hinted that they're all done with show business, presumably to concentrate on other endeavors. So really, nothing has changed.