Who should Courtney Stodden date next?

Published November 06, 2013

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Who should Courtney Stodden date next?

Who should Courtney Stodden date next?

So who should the fame-hungry, plastic-surgery fanatic go after next? We’ve compiled a handy list of helpful suggestions to get Stodden back in the dating game. 

Nick Jonas

We think Courtney would do well to go after the youngest Jonas Brother, Nick. He is 21, and they both share religious values. (He’s currently linked to Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, but hey, they may break up and then he will need a rebound romance.)

Tim Tebow

At 26, the religious football star could be a good fit for over-the-top Courtney. They say opposites attract.

Bruce Jenner

It’s no secret that Courtney likes older guys, and newly single Bruce Jenner shares her affinity for plastic surgery—so the two may be a perfect match.

Jack Nicholson

An oldie but a goodie, Jack Nicholson would make Courtney laugh, and at 76, he is even more… mature than her ex.

Brad Womack

“Bachelor” star Brad Womack is looking for love—and let’s face it, fame—just like Courtney. The two could easily have a camera-ready romance.

Leif Garrett

If she’s looking to up the drama in her life, Courtney should go after rocker Leif Garrett. At 51, the former wild child is always full of surprises. 

Doug Hutchison

According to her rep, Doug and Courtney are going to continue living together for the time being and he will co-manage her career. Do we smell a reconciliation?  These two love birds may just rebound with each other.