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The Breakfast Wrap: Olivia Wilde's Barely-There Baby Bump and KStew Loves RPatz



Here's what's happening this morning:

Olivia Wilde debuted her minuscule baby bump (above) at the Courage in Journalism Awards the other night. (We can barely see it.)

Then, she redesigned this bump-concealing dress for Anthropologie. (She's always isn't she?)

Maybe he couldn't get enough of those but Robert Pattinson is hanging out with Kristen Stewart again. We knew those crazy kids couldn't stay apart.

As she's often done Heidi Klum went all-out for Halloween. She dressed as an old woman (at least a nonagenarian), complete with spider veins and crow's feet.

For more celeb Halloween costumes, check out Patrick Stewart as a lobster; Gwen Stefani as a prom queen (while her husband absolutely refuses to participate in any costumed shenanigans); Neil Patrick Harris and family as Frankenstein, the Wolfman, Elvira and Dracula; and Honey Boo Boo's entire clan as the Kardashians.

… and January Jones dressed as the scariest thing she could think of: her character of Betty Draper from "Mad Men."

Former Playmate Kendra Wilkinson confirmed she's pregant with a second baby.

And Gwyneth Paltrow says she "does't give a s***" what you think about her parenting.

Katy Perry says Mick Jagger hit on her when she was 18 or 19, despite his claims to the contrary. (Kinda makes you look at a bit differently, doesn't it?)

Kelly Clarkson told TIME that she doesn't consider herself a feminist. Close to it, but not exactly.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are suing the guy who "leaked" their proposal clip on a video-sharing site. *Sigh.* Really, Kim and Kanye? Really?

Move over, Miley — nobody out-nakeds Nicki Minaj on Halloween. The rapper wore little more than boots, handcuffs and electrical tape.

And finally, Sonic has a few new, extra-greasy (and delicious) looking items they'd like to sell you now, including a Southwest Chipotle Breakfast Burrito.