Break Time

Break Time: Courtney Stodden forgets her bra, as usual

Courtney Stodden--staying true to her style--went braless yet again.  Plus awful costume errors.


Happy Friday! Here's your Break Time, a round-up of the can't-miss items from around the web: 

Courtney Stodden forgets to wear a bra for the millionth time.

Has Reese Witherspoon incident with the police this past year taught the world nothing?  Biden’s niece uses the, ‘do you know who I am’ card.

Miley Cyrus channels Lil' Kim and Lil' responds by saying, ‘I wanna squeeze Miley’s boob’.  Ah classy emulating classy.

There is a medical diagnosis for everything but did you know that some people are actually afraid of talking on the phone?

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