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Break Time: Tori Spelling has a sex tape... who cares?

Tori Spelling revealed she--like everyone else in Hollywood--has a sex tape.  Plus, Pam's hair and homewreckers.


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Enough is enough. Tori Spelling tells-all about her sex tape shocker! What is so shocking?  You and your hubby have like half a dozen kids.Yawn.

A new website reveals the woman who broke up your relationship.

Unfortunately, selfies have become a staple in society but that does mean taking selfies in all social settings is appropriate.  For example, do not take selfies at funerals and tweet about attending the death of your grandmother.

Some women need to get naked like Gaga for attention but for others like Sofia Vergara a very well-fitted pair of skin tight pants will do the trick.

Stay calm, drink wine! Or not! There could be a wine shortage in the very near future.

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