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In The FOXlight: Scott Eastwood on What It Means to Be a Real Man

FOX's own Michael Tammero gets the scoop.


In the first part of his interview with Scott Eastwood, FOX's own Michael Tammero learned about the up-and-coming actor's latest projects.

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This time around, Tammero got a bit more personal, asking the 27-year-old actor about his family, and specifically, whether or not he'd consider following his father's footsteps into the political arena.

"Never say never," Eastwood replied, "but I don't think it's for me."

Instead, it sounds like Eastwood is content to pursue acting — and he gets a lot of support from mother Jacelyn Reeves. "My mom is my best friend and my biggest cheerleader," admits Eastwood.

For the complete interview, along with Eastwood's personal definition of a "real man," watch the video above.