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Break Time: Kim Kardashian photographs and shares her post-baby booty with 10,651,463 people

Kardashian's selfies know no bounds


As we say here at Break Time, if you can't find it on the Internet, it probably doesn't exist.

It’s good to see that motherhood has changed Kim Kardashian's penchant for sharing skin-baring seflies on Instagram! Once a preening narcissist always a preening narcissist.

Self-proclaimed pick up artist puts together a map of the easiest women in the country.  Oh that’s a special type of special!

Hall and Oates wrote a song called, “Rich Bitch.” Perhaps it wasn’t in best taste but the title fits this young lady who is rich and is not going to make any apologies for it.

Mother of the Year:  a mom shoplifts candy then flees the scene when caught, leaving her baby behind

School spirit comes in a Vodka bottle says Ole Miss student.  Viral video to accompany the brilliance.

Madonna wears a thong. Is there more to be sad, er, said?

Prince William and Kate reportedly pick godparents and they are members of the boring royal elite.  


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