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The Breakfast Wrap: PETA's Complaint With Katy Perry and Gaga's Problem With Pants



Here's what's happening this morning:

PETA wants Katy Perry to stop using elephants in her music videos, and publicity stunts, and marriage ceremonies.

Lady Gaga is threatening to sue a blue jeans company that manufactures "easy access" Gagajeans with a horizontal zipper on the crotch.

Kanye West went on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to apologize for blowing up about a recent spoof, but he did not apologize for being a genius.

Ha! One of the singers from "One Direction" hit himself in the face with a basketball.

Owen Wilson has knocked up his married personal trainer, according to Star magazine.

The 2013 American Music Awards nominations were announced, and so was the fact that Miley Cyrus will perform at the ceremony.

And apparently, Miley initally wanted Gwen Stefani or Nicki Minaj on her song "SMS (Bangerz)," but settled for Britney instead.

The Jonas Brothers have canceled their upcoming tour because of a "deep rift within the band."

Suzanne Somers says that she still has sex "a couple of times a day" with her husband of 36 years.

Miss Universe Olivia Culpo is in trouble with Indian police after participating in an unauthorized fashion shoot at the Taj Mahal.

And finally, Al Gore once tried to buy Twitter from its co-founders over "copious amounts of wine and Patron tequila."