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Watch Out Gwyneth: Blake Lively’s Next Project Is…


 (Associated Press)

Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t the only star leading a lifestyle brand.

Following in the footsteps of the GOOP founder, Blake Lively is set to also launch her own similar endeavor.

“The main element of it is that it’s about storytelling and it’s about living a very one-of-a-kind, curated life, and how to achieve that,” the former “Gossip Girl” star told British Vogue. “There’s nothing like it out there — it’s without genre.”

The 26-year-old adds, "I have so many passions outside of acting and things that I grew up being good at and that I don’t utilize when acting. Acting was something that my family did so I just kind of got into it by default, but there was so much that I cultivated, thinking that I wouldn’t be an actor.”

While Lively didn’t give any specifics on what her lifestyle company will first explore, she did confirmed that it's set to launch “in a few months.”

Lively, who has been a muse to couture brands including Chanel and Gucci, is famous for reportedly not working with a stylist, so perhaps she will show her fans how to enhance one’s personal style. Stars like Lauren Conrad, Alicia Silverstone, and even Lindsay Lohan already use their sites to share style and food advice to readers. Or, she could go in the same direction as Jessica Alba, whose Honest company is all about eco-friendly products for families.

No word on whether husband and fellow actor Ryan Reynolds will make a cameo appearance.