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New Company Gives 'Breaking Bad' Fans a Chance to Own Genuine Props From the Show

Web site auctions iconic props from show.


Want to own a piece of television history? It's only a few clicks away at ScreenBid.com, an online auction site that will soon feature props from AMC's "Breaking Bad."

Starting this Sunday, fans of TV's best-reviewed show can place bids on items including Walter White's underwear, Jesse Pinkman's Hello Kitty cell phone or Hank Schrader's DEA coffee mug, among dozens and dozens of other recognizable items seen on screen.

"This is our premiere auction," explains chief creative officer Joshua Weinstein, adding that ScreenBid plans to offer more television and movie merchandise in the near future.

The company was started by Weinstein's business partners Jeffrey Dash and Bill Block, the latter of whom had worked as a producer for 2009's "District 9." After Block began to notice a lot of the film's memorabilia popping up online, the idea for ScreenBid began to take shape in his and Dash's minds.

"They figured there's gotta be a way to be able to bring things to the fans — bring real things to the fans — so that the fans have a comfort level, so they know they're getting authentic screen-used stuff," said Weinstein, who admits that fraud in the memorabilia business can run rampant.

"Everything that ScreenBid.com has is screen-used," he assures. "SONY guarantees that these are the actual items that were used in the show."

More "Breaking Bad" props available on ScreenBid include Tuco Salamanca's lucite-encased grill, two stuffed pink teddy bear props (one with slightly charred fur), and several of the characters' vehicles. And they're still adding more as the countdown to Sunday night's "Breaking Bad" finale continues.

"People who love 'Breaking Bad' really love 'Breaking Bad,' and we've had an incredible response from potential bidders," Weinstein has already found. "I think Breaking Bad has become more than just a television show. It's become a cultural phenomenon. People just love it, and I'm one of those people who loves it," he says.

"I figure if they resonate with me, they've gotta be resonating with some of the fans as well."

Watch the video above to learn more, or visit ScreenBid to see what other "Breaking Bad" props are up for auction.