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The Breakfast Wrap: The Highest Paid Celeb Couples, the Newest M&M Flavor and Much More



Here's what everybody's talking about today:

Forbes says Jay Z and Beyonce are the highest paid celebrity couple, followed (semi) closely by Tom Brady and Gisele.

NBC is planning a mini-series about Johnny Carson based around an upcoming biography. Let's hope they reenact the moment when Johnny found refuge from a tiger in Ed McMahon's arms.

Take a quick 7 minutes out of your workday to listen to Justin Timberlake's latest song, "TKO."

Jessie Spano and A.C. Slater got back together at Universal Studios. Sort of.

Don't flip the bird at the Super Bowl like M.I.A. did back in 2012. The Hollywood Reporter says the NFL sued her for $1.5 million. (The weirdest part, to us, is that she performed for free anyway.)

"Paris [Hilton] was the worst person in the world for me to hook up with," says Nick Carter.

The cast members from "The Big Bang Theory" get paid really well. Even the actors who aren't main characters reportedly just got 100-percent raises.

First Woodrow Wilson gets the bio-pic treatment, now it's Tupac Shakur.

And finally, the days of baking a whole birthday cake whenever you get a craving are gone, because they're going to start making M&M's that taste like birthday cake.