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The Breakfast Wrap: Jessica Biel's Handsome Suit and Pixar's Sad News



Here's what's going down this morning:

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel wore matching suits to the "Runner Runner" premiere. What a handsome couple.

Despite debuting a new film in each calendar year since '06, Pixar has announced they won't release a movie in 2014, breaking their consecutive streak. In related news, a severe shortage of heartwarmings is expected in 2014.

Liam wants Miley to keep her $250,000 engagement ring as a memento of their time together. Either that, or he wants out so bad that he's not willing to get back his stuff.

Remember how Turns out she's expecting another boy.

Justin Bieber is outright rapping now, at least in his friend's new video. He also calls himself an "OG" (original gangster) in his verse, which makes no sense whatsoever.

The final two episodes of "Breaking Bad" will each clock in at 75 minutes, giving us 15 more minutes, per week, to feel sick about whatever they're planning for Walt and Jesse.

Kelsey Grammer might be joining the cast of "The Expendables 3." Finally, some real muscle.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Jennifer Aniston isn't pregnant, say Jennifer Aniston's people.

Carrie Underwood is probably going to perform some Beatles songs at the Emmys.

Sandra Bullock told Vogue that if her career ever starts to negatively interfere with her son's upbringing, she'll exile herself to Alaska.

And finally, a restaurant in Brooklyn is experimenting with "silent dining" because monks do it, and that's reason enough for the restaurant's owner.