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The 5 Most Awkward Moments at Your Favorite Awards Shows


Whether you love them or hate them, televised awards ceremonies provide virtually endless fodder for discussion. Especially when they get awkward.

Jokes fall flat, performers flub their lyrics and acceptance speeches become tedious. It all results in some of the finest hours of live television a viewer could possibly hope for, albeit unintentionally. And what's more, there's usually multiple instances of cringe-worthy moments in each individual telecast.

Somebody should really be documenting this stuff, right?

Luckily, you can count on FOX News Magazine to bring you the most embarrassing, weird and awkward moments from the entertainment industry's biggest nights, posted right here the morning after the telecast.

Click on the links on the right to relive some of the worst moments from recent telecasts, and be sure to head back to FNM for continuing coverage of "The 5 Most Awkward Moments" to come.