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The Weekly Wrap: What You Might Have Missed



The workdays can get pretty hectic. The worst part is, some of the best stories can fly right under your radar, and when the weekend comes, you have no idea what everyone's talking about.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a place where all of the week's top articles are laid out in a handy list, to be perused at your leisure on a Friday evening before heading home from work?

Let's do that right now.

Here's what you may have missed this week:

The Olive Garden is introducing If you hate sharing, they still offer never-ending pasta.

including the similarly dressed Justin Timberlake and Leonardo DiCaprio.

NYC's Fashion Week finished up. Learn why the then read up on and check out the

We talked to costume designer also known as "the sultan of sequins."

And if we had to pick a "sultana" of sequins, we might choose Kate Middleton. The Duchess wore for her second public appearance since giving birth, and she's already slim enough to wear too.

Bruno Mars was chosen as the at the upcoming Super Bowl.

for a song, but more importantly, she inspired us with at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Is summer making you sweat like a pig? Try these or maybe just sip on this chilly mezcal and gin cocktail known as the (Or, if you can't swig gin like a sailor, maybe you should try )

Does sweating like a pig making you want to eat like a pig? Learn how to make Then finish it off with a plate of

Unlike James Bond, who usually spouts some kind of tawdry double entendre before luring a woman to his hotel room, 007 actor Daniel Craig said about his wife.

And finally, the Miss America pageant is crowning a winner on Sunday. Get a preview of then read these about the competition.