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The Melange: Brad's Short Hair, Carson Daly's New Job and Much, Much More



Here's what everybody's buzzing about this morning:

Carson Daly got a job at the "Today" show, anchoring some kind of audience-participation segment.

Gone is the era of the ponytailed Pitt; now is the age of the buzzed Brad. At least until he grows out his hair again.

Prince William is done serving with the Royal Air Force. He'll be focusing on charity work now.

Prince Harry has the charity bug too. He and "True Blood" actor Alexander Skarsgård are racing to the South Pole to raise money for military veterans.

Mumford and Sons got kicked out of an Atlanta strip club for whipping out their cell phones to take pictures. Not pictures of the ladies, mind you, but pictures of the band's lead singer doing karaoke.

"Better Call Saul" — the "Breaking Bad" spin-off you desperately hoped would become a reality — is actually becoming a reality.

Courtney Love called Katy Perry "boring," and thinks Miley Cyrus is a punk hillbilly, but in a good way.

Also, Miley Cyrus broke the VEVO record for most views in one day for "Wrecking Ball." Oh, and she claims her gratuitous nudity in the video is a metaphor for vulnerability.

Sinéad O'Connor got a B and a Q tattooed on her face in honor of some guy named Brendan Quinlan. But don't fret, because she can always get her tattoos

And McDonald's is really going all-out this week. First they introduced their Blitz Box, and now they'll be offering a new steak option for your breakfast biscuits and McMuffins.