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The Melange: Emily Blunt's Happy News, Oprah's Phobia, and Much, Much More



Here's what everybody's gabbing about today:

A representative for Emily Blunt revealed that the "Looper" actress and her husband, John Krasinski of "The Office," are going to be parents soon.

Sharon Osbourne says she had a fling with Jay Leno way back when she first moved to the States, but claims not to remember much about it.

Former "Girls Next Door" star and Playboy playmate Holly Madison got hitched in Disneyland.

And Us Weekly reports that "Star Trek" actress Zoe Saldana secretly married her boyfriend back in June.

Oprah Winfrey is afraid of balloons, especially when they pop. "It reminds me of gunfire," she said. "And it really freaks me out."

"SNL" alum and "Bridesmaids" star Maya Rudolph welcomed her fourth child with director Paul Thomas Anderson.

Apple popped out another iPhone. The new iPhone 5 models were unveiled yesterday, but you can't get them until September 20th.

The fourth "Jurassic Park" movie is going to be called "Jurassic World," and the fifth "Pirates of the Caribbean" film might as well not have a name, because it's been pushed off to 2016.

Clint Eastwood's second wife Dina has filed for a legal separation.

The creator of the Cronut has partnered with to bring you a Cronut custard, because he won't stop until we're all sick of hearing the word "Cronut."