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The Morning Link Melange: What People Are Talking About Today



Here's what everybody's going to be talking about today:

Angelina Jolie is getting an Oscar for her humanitarian work. Wait, what are the Oscars about again? We could've sworn it had something to do with movies …

Alec Baldwin is going to host a weekly talk show on MSNBC.

Katy Perry is really going all-out on that lion metaphor in her new video for "Roar." It's still a bit tamer than her however.

Jack Osbourne's wife Lisa suffered a late-term miscarriage, unfortunately.

Will Smith might be back for "Independence Day 2," says Roland Emmerich. If they can somehow secure Jeff Goldblum and President Bill Pullman again, we're definitely buying tickets.

The Guinness Book of World Records has recognized Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" as the fastest selling digital single, and AMC's "Breaking Bad" as the highest-rated TV series (critically), among other cool new records.

Ryan Seacrest got booed at the NFL season opener last night.

Architectural Digest just published a slideshow of Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen's Los Angeles mansion and it's got some kind of a moat!

The guy who created the Cronut is really scrambling for another hit, so we've been gifted the Magic Soufflé: a chocolate soufflé baked inside an orange-scented cube of brioche.

And finally, do you own a Keurig coffee machine? Pretty soon, you're going to be able to load Campbell's Soup K-Cups into it.