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The Weekly Wrap: What You Might Have Missed



The internet is a strange place. One minute you're shopping for drapes at a home decor website, the next you're watching a guy eat an entire jar of mayonnaise on YouTube.

Our point is, there's a lot of great content on the internet, and it's impossible to see ALL of it. Lucky for you, we rounded up the best of best — of the past few days, at least — and listed them out below.

Here's what you may have missed this week:

Seeing as Miley's tongue overshadowed the rest of the VMAs, you might have missed from the ceremony, or reacting to that infamous performance.

Ben Affleck is taking a lot of flak for his upcoming Batman role, but three former Batmen have already given him their blessing.

Kate Middleton attended her first official engagement after giving birth.

By the way, we're not sure we buy Maybe she tried or

Bob Dylan released a whole bunch of Paul McCartney, though, is giving us all new stuff.

Here's when you should ditch your date and never, ever look back. On the other hand, here's when it might be okay to give your ex a second chance.

Creating a fall wardrobe? There sure are a lot of great designer items out there. Then again, those items often have

But before you go shopping, read And familiarize yourself too.

Here's for setting the perfect table. The seventh secret is this: Once the table is set, never eat at it. Go out for instead.

Or, if you must cook, you can try one of these or this

And finally, summer is coming to an end soon. Visit the beach one last time with And if you're dreading the dull, drab autumn months, go ahead and Seriously.