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The Melange: What People Are Talking About



You've been working too hard. Here's some fun links to get you through the day:

Watch Katy Perry freak out some Victorian-era squares in this latest commercial for Killer Queen, her latest fragrance.

Richard Simmons has a new dance track. Yes, that Richard Simmons. 

When a pregnancy craving hits Soleil Moon Frye (aka Punky Brewster), she grabs a handful of seaweed. 

Speaking of child stars from the late '80s, Danica McKellar (aka Winnie Cooper from "The Wonder Years") is in Avril Lavigne's new music video. Oh, and the two of them make out, for some reason. 

Rihanna might have a mullet.

Lance Bass didn't confirm or deny the *NSYNC reunion rumors from yesterday. 

It's nice to know that after all these years, Taylor Swift is still bitter about that Kanye thing.

It was 88 degrees in NYC yesterday. So naturally, Lady Gaga wore a full-body leather jumpsuit. 

If Melanie Griffith is actively trying to end her career, she's doing a good job with these jabs at Hollywood. 

Make room for a new app: Apple is launching iTunes Radio in September.

Subway restaurants in Japan are offering what is basically — as fas as we can tell — a humongous hot dog.