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The Morning Melange: What People are Talking About



Here's what people are talking about this morning:

Excerpts of Prince William's interview with CNN were released this morning. Among other things, he gabbed about his wife and baby.

While you're looking at these Christie Brinkley vacation photos — and you will look — keep in mind that she's nearly 60.

Jennifer Lawrence is terrified of thirteen-year-olds.

Robin Thicke is so certain he didn't plagiarize parts of "Blurred Lines" that he's preemptively suing any would-be accusers.

If you enjoyed Taco Bell's waffle breakfast tacos, maybe you'd like to check out the two new (and much better-sounding) variations being tested at a California location.

During Lindsay Lohan's Oprah interview, which aired last night on OWN, the troubled actress made it clear that she's finally on the path to recovery. Seriously, this time. For serious.

Lady Gaga's new video premiered this morning on "Good Morning America." We're assuming they cut away once she ditched her pants for a seashell bikini.

And judging by her tweets, the only thing Lady Gaga hates more than pants right now is Perez Hilton.