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Ashton Kutcher on 'Jobs' Transformation

Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad discuss their transformations into Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (respectively) for their new biopic "Jobs."


Although he's better known for his comedic flicks, Ashton Kutcher takes on a more serious role in the biopic “Jobs," which opens in theatres on August 16.

The film based on the life of late Apple founder Steve Jobs required him to channel the intensity of the controversial iPhone creator.

“I think Steve could be extraordinarily charismatic, funny, witty, and all of the above when he wanted to be,” explains Kutcher to FOXlight’s Michael Tammero. “I think the thing that comes across in his intensity is that he was a brutally honest man.”

Check out the video about to hear more about Kutcher’s transformation for his latest buzz-worthy film.