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The Weekly Wrap: What You May Have Missed



We know you'd like to read all the latest entertainment news and style stories of the week, but sometimes things get hectic, and a lot of the best online articles fall through the cracks.

We get it. Honest, we do.

Here's what you may have missed this week:

Condé Nast listed the

On a happier note, TripAdvisor also listed

Wanna look younger? Here's a bunch of to try. Or, try updating your wardrobe with

Like playing Jenga? Of course you don't! Nobody does! Put your old game-pieces to good use with

This is what Carrie Underwood sounds like singing on NBC.

Mark Wahlberg called Justin Bieber a but they're tight, so it's okay. We're not so sure why he hated "The Lone Ranger," though.

Kate Upton has a and former VS model Kylie Bisutti has a line of

What is Mariah Carey nowadays? Sasquatch fur? Feathers?

Hold up, hold up — there's a THIRD Doritos Locos Taco coming to Taco Bell?!?

Hold up, hold up — there's an all-new breakfast item coming to Taco Bell?!?

Hold up, hold up — we can make our own food and drinks? Like Or Or these