Zoe Saldana Jokes About Skipping Meals To Stay Thin



Zoe Saldana follows a not-so-secret Hollywood regimen to stay thin: just don’t eat lunch!

The svelte Latina actress joked in a comedic scene from an episode of IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang!,which according to E News airs Aug. 9, that all she does is “snack” and never eats real meals.

When asked what she had for lunch, Saldaña admitted, "I haven't had lunch yet…it's very Hollywood, I know…It's not the only meal you can skip in one day."

While Saldana was poking fun at the unruly methods some of her industry peers take to stay thin, she was surprised back in June when her weight caused controversy.

Saldana said she didn’t understand why Allure magazine was receiving backlash for putting her weight on the cover of their June issue.

"It almost felt like you were just looking for a reason to just be upset at the fact that I allowed myself to be very free and collaborating with a magazine that is known for collaborating with the subjects," Saldana said.

As Saldana put it, the "115 pounds of grit and heartache" tagline was just an attempt to contrast her big personality with her slender frame.

"I come really hard, I'm a very aggressive person when you meet me because I am a devout New Yorker and I'm Latina so this is my personality," Saldana said.

"It's not the first time that people have said, for such a delicate-looking person, you're very tough. And I think that was the idea that they wanted to get across as a compliment to what they saw in me."

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