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Kate Middleton Receives the Most Unbelievable Royal Baby Gift Yet


Remember when Kate Middleton and Prince William received their first royal baby gift and it was a cardboard box? Well, the gifts keep on rollin’ in — and this week, they’re even crazier! Kate was reportedly given a $15,000 bracelet that doubles as a diaper cream holder.

I kid you not, folks — a bracelet that moonlights as a portable diaper cream container. Modern marvels, y’all!

British jeweler Theo Fennell, whose long list of celebrity clientele includes David and Victoria Beckham, Elton John and Madonna, has gifted the royal mum-to-be with his most lavish, over-the-top creation yet! Fennell was commissioned by Sudocrem (an antiseptic healing cream company) to create a jewel-encrusted 18-karat white gold charm bracelet that doubles as a diaper rash cream holder.

Worth more than $15,000, the bracelet is designed to keep Kate looking posh and elegant as ever even when she’s applying rash cream to the royal baby’s bum! The bracelet has a small, jeweled container that the Duchess can use to stash the perfect amount of diaper cream. Even though the gift might seem just a wee bit too much, Fennell is over-the-moon for the chance to work with the royal family. He said, “I am thrilled to make this miniature pot and bracelet for Sudocrem.”

He also plans to engrave the royal baby’s initials into a charm to be placed alongside the diaper cream charm, so that Kate will never be too far from her little one or her diaper cream.

But, here’s the twist. Instead of giving the bracelet straight to the parents-to-be, Sudocrem has opted to send the over-the-top gift straight to sale. The bedazzled, sparking bangle won’t even touch royal hands before it’s on its way to someone else. (Which is a little weird, no? That some stranger will be walking around with a bangle that’s engraved with the royal baby’s initials?)

A spokesperson for the company said, “We have decided to auction this very special bracelet to raise money for one of the Duchess’ favorite charities. In the spirit of giving, it’s about putting something back.” The plan is to auction off the extravagant bangle and donate the proceeds to a charity (or charities) of Kate’s choosing, which is probably what the royals would have done, regardless.

In total, Kate and William have received a handful of gifts so far from eager eyes round the globe: a cardboard box from the Finnish government, a knitted kangaroo from Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard (which caused quite a bit of controversy) and a crate of baby food presented to Camilla (Princes Charles’ wife) by Plum Organics. The baby food (which, by the way, baby can’t even touch till about six months from now), was a product of Rhug Estate in England and is one of the nation’s leading suppliers of organic food. Even the Kiwis are excited to get involved! New Zealand-based advocacy group Monarchy New Zealand, plans to light up the sky after the royal baby is born! Over 20 famous landmarks, including Christchurch Airport, Auckland’s Sky Tower and Gisborne’s Town Clock will light up in blue and pink color’s to honor the royal heir.