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Movie Review: Does 'The Heat' Pack the Funny?



Do you feel that? It’s "The Heat"! No, we’re not talking about the sweltering dog days of summer, but Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy’s newest buddy cop comedy hitting theaters this weekend.

But is it worth a ticket?

Ashburn (Bullock), is an over-confident, doesn’t-play-well-with-others FBI agent. She's forced to team up with a loud-mouthed and brash Bostonian detective named Mullens (McCarthy) in order to hunt down a notorious drug dealer. That’s the plot, but really it’s just a MacGuffin to hear McCarthy curse like a sailor for two hours while the supporting cast showcases some dead-on Boston accents.

From the get-go, "The Heat" turns up the funny. McCarthy is in full force, and though she's not bringing anything new to the comedic table, all of what we’ve come to love from her delivery and style is there, including her improv’d one-liners and over-the-top performance. While Bullock struggles to keep up with her fast-paced co-star, she holds her own as the uppity law agent and certainly has her moments (and she definitely takes a few pages from the "Miss Congeniality" playbook). Just wait until you see the bar scene … I wanna party with these cops!

Throughout the film, both Mullens and Ashburn have their own personal issues to contend with. So when Mullens' family is put in danger, their friendship is put to the test. Sure, the heartwarming context is meant to give weight to an otherwise silly movie and move the plot along, but at times I wished they just stuck to the gags.

It's best to go into this summer flick knowing what you're getting: rapid fire jokes, truck driver-grade cursing, and straight up hilarity.

The Date Nighter Says:

McCarthy/Bullock fans unite. Step out of the blistering summer sun and chill out with "The Heat." You won’t be disappointed.