Monica Lewinsky’s slinky black negligee and other clothing that belonged to the former White House intern are part of a 32-piece collection being auctioned off by the Nate D. Sanders auction house.

The items were used as part of the highly publicized investigation to impeach President Bill Clinton. During the investigation, which was led by Kenneth Starr, it was revealed that Lewinsky was also having an affair with her former high school teacher Andy Bleiler. The items were sent to the Bleiler family in the ‘90s, according to the auction website, and now Andy Bleiler’s ex-wife Kate Nason has decided to put the items up for auction.

A letter to Andy Bleiler from Clinton—written at Lewinsky’s request—is also included in the collection. Other items include presidential chocolates and a book of White House matches.

In 1998, news surfaced that Lewinsky and Clinton had an affair while she was working at the White House. Clinton was then impeached, but the Senate later voted to acquit him.  

As of Tuesday afternoon, two online users had bid on the Lewinsky pieces and the highest bid for the collection was at $2,750.