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Brooke Burke-Charvet: Businesswoman, Super-Mom and Celebrity

Brooke Burke-Charvet, shares how she makes her business ventures and life work


Brooke Burke-Charvet says she loves to be busy, and she's not kidding.

The "Dancing With the Stars" co-host (and season seven winner) is a mother of four, a fitness personality with her own line of DVDs, the CEO of ModernMom.com, the president of Baboosh Baby, the author of "The Naked Mom," and the creative director behind a lingerie line called IntiMint. Now, she's partnered with Purina Cat Chow for their 50 Years, 50 Shelters program, which helps work to improve cat shelters across the country.

Burke-Charvet made time to squeeze in an interview with FOX Business Network's Lauren Simonetti to discuss her businesses and family (and how she manages both) as well as her advice for entrepreneurs.

"Small ideas can become huge success stories," says Burke-Charvet, who knows from experience. Modern Mom, for instance, started out by selling belly-wraps from a Santa Monica apartment.

She also emphasizes the importance of social media. "I tweet, when I write a blog, I draw attention there … It's also nice, today, because we can correct bad press. We can have a full circle conversation, where it's no longer just a one-way street. So social media becomes your own platform — your own reality show, if you will."

"I think if you're intelligent about the steps you take, you maximize your opportunities," she added. 

Watch the full interview above to hear about Burke's six pets and her philosophy on balancing motherhood with her business ventures.