R& B crooner Miguel is continuing to send shock waves through Hollywood.

Following a week in which he kicked a fan on stage and performed on live television with Mariah Carey in a performance that was good-gone-racy, the Afro-Latino is now voicing some strong opinions on his heritage.

In a move that shocked and appalled many, Miguel took to Twitter to say that while he is proud of his roots, “honestly, black people are the most judgmental people in the world.”

He then said it was sad that "we've been conditioned, pre-programmed to hate ourselves."

Born to a Mexican father and African-American mother, the singer said that he appreciates “those who choose to think and act for themselves regardless of ethnicity or culture.”

The singer said believed the problem cannot “be fixed until the problem is recognized. Not everyone is the same thank goodness.”

Before closing out his rant, Miguel was careful to note that while everyone is judgmental, “I just PERSONALLY believe WE are the most critical of our own."

Miguel’s comments, while supported by some, drew a firestorm on Twitter.

Brian Jay, a radio host in New York City, tweeted that Miguel appears to be “a self-hating racist.”

Another tweeter said, “@DaRealMilk: Being judgmental is not a skin color thing everybody judges.”

User @ChynaKSlomotion3h added that Miguel is full of it.

“Has he met every black person to make a statement like that? He is judgmental his self, judging an entire race,” @ChynaKSlomotion3h wrote.

Earlier this month at the Billboard Music Awards, the singer got a little carried away and unintentionally kicked a fan when he jumped over the crowd while performing his hit song “Adorn.” No one was seriously injured from Miguel’s overenthusiastic performance.

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