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The Middletons Are (Maybe) Coming to NYC



Even though is British royalty, the people of the United States have become enamored with her grace and charm. Now, her parents are hoping we'll feel the same way about their party planning business.

According to the Daily News, Michael and Carole Middleton are planning to expand their online company Party Pieces across the pond, specifically in New York City.

"Party Pieces' overseas business has been extraordinary with America dominating much of the interest," said one source. "It has prompted the Middletons to look at establishing an office in the U.S. so that they can bolster their brand and even tie into other companies and ventures. They feel New York offers them a good starting point."

This same source claim that Pippa Middleton, who works for Party Pieces, was recently sent to Manhattan to scout out office spaces under the guise of finding herself an apartment. "Pippa has been asked by her parents about her thoughts on a good location," the source said.

But when (and if) the expansion ever takes place, this source revealed that the Middletons may not even announce it. "They are adamant they will never trade off Kate’s royal links to get ahead in business," the source says, as it might seem like the Middletons are trying to cash in on their name.

So what do you think? If they had a bigger presence in the states, would you call Party Pieces for your next big hurrah?